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TOSHIBA TLX-1013V-E0 LCD panel

  • TOSHIBA TLX-1013V-E0 LCD panel
  • TOSHIBA TLX-1013V-E0 LCD panel
  • TOSHIBA TLX-1013V-E0 LCD panel

TOSHIBA TLX-1013V-E0 LCD panel

Model: TLX-1013V-E0

Keywords: TLX-1013V,TOSHIBA

USD 275.00 USD 220.00    



TOSHIBA TLX-1013V-E0 LCD panel


The product we send to you is a original second hand LCD(8 into a new) or a compatible LCD(you can choose,please when submit order,leave message us:original second hand or compatible LCD do you want?)

Picture for real product we'll send to you(original second hand TOSHIBA TLX-1013V-E0):

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